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An Ansible Playbook for deploying your own self-hosted Gitea instance
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Setting up a Gitea code hosting platform

Gitea is a self-hosted Git-based Code Hosting Platform and a nice alternative to Github and other proprietary services. You can use this Ansible Playbook to host your own Code Hosting Platform under your own control.

This setup offers:

  • Gitea
  • PostgreSQL backend
  • Nginx reverse proxy
  • Fail2Ban Gitea protection
  • HTTPS by Let's Encrypt


  • A Debian or Ubuntu machine.
  • A publicly available FQDN:
git.example.org.	300	IN	A

Deploy gitea

Clone the repository:

$ git clone https://git.theo-andreou.org/Personal/ansible-deploy-gitea.git
$ cd ansible-deploy-gitea

Prepare a vars/all.yml file (you can use vars/all.yml.example as reference):

# vars/all.yml
gitea_fqdn: git.example.org
gitea_db: giteadb
gitea_db_user: giteadbuser
gitea_version: 1.4.2

Adjusts the host(s) in deploy_gitea.yml and run the Playbook:

$ ansible-playbook deploy_gitea.yml

When done rush to https://git.example.org. First one to create an account gets to be an admin!