Calibre OPDS (and HTML) PHP Server : web-based light alternative to Calibre content server / Calibre2OPDS to serve ebooks (epub, mobi, pdf, ...)
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COPS stands for Calibre OPDS (and HTML) Php Server.

See : COPS's home for more details.

Don't forget to check the Wiki.

Scrutinizer Quality Score

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Why ?

In my opinion Calibre is a marvelous tool but is too big and has too much dependencies to be used for its content server.

That's the main reason why I coded this OPDS server. I needed a simple tool to be installed on a small server (Seagate Dockstar in my case).

I initially thought of Calibre2OPDS but as it generate static file no search was possible.

Later I added an simple HTML catalog that should be usable on my Kobo.

So COPS's main advantages are :

  • No need for many dependencies.
  • No need for a lot of CPU or RAM.
  • Not much code.
  • Search is available.
  • With Dropbox / owncloud it's very easy to have an up to date OPDS server.
  • It was fun to code.

If you want to use the OPDS feed don't forget to specify feed.php at the end of your URL.


  1. PHP 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6 or hhvm with GD image processing, Libxml, Intl, Json & SQLite3 support.
  2. A web server with PHP support. I only tested with various version of Nginx. Other people reported it working with Apache and Cherokee. You can also use PHP embedded server (
  3. The path to a calibre library (metadata.db, format, & cover files).

On any Debian base Linux you can use : aptitude install php5-gd php5-sqlite php5-json php5-intl

On Centos you may have to add : yum install php-xml


  1. Extract the zip file to a folder in web space (visible to the web server).
  2. If you're doing a first-time install, copy config_local.php.example to config_local.php
  3. Edit config_local.php to match your config.
  4. If needed add other configuration item from config_default.php

If you choose to put your Calibre directory inside your web directory then you will have to edit /etc/nginx/mime.types to add this line : application/epub+zip epub;

If you like Docker, you can also this project

Known problems

Not a lot, except for the bad quality of the code (first PHP project ever) ;)

Please see for open issues

Need help

Please read and check the FAQ.


External libraries used :

Copyright & License

COPS - 2012-2016 (c) Sébastien Lucas

See COPYING and file headers for license info