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Realms Wiki Beta with LDAP support

This is a recipe of Realms Wiki patched so that a docker image is build with LDAP support. The Dockefile actually downloads the Realms Wiki code from Matthew Scragg's original repo and not from my fork.

Differences from the master repo

  • The docker image is based on Debian jessie instead of Ubuntu trusty
  • The flask_ldap_login is patched using Stephane Martin's patch to eliminate the “Internal Server Error” message when logging in with LDAP.

Clone the repo

git clone

Build the image

cd realms-wiki/docker
docker build -t realm-wiki-img .

Pull it from Docker Hub

If you prefer using my build, you can pull it from Docker Hub:

docker pull theodotos/realms-wiki

Run the container

Create a realms-wiki volume:

docker volume create --name realms-wiki

For your own build:

docker run -d --name realms-wiki -p 5000:5000 --volume realms-wiki:/home/wiki realms-wiki-img

For my build:

docker run -d --name realms-wiki -p 5000:5000 --volume realms-wiki:/home/wiki theodotos/realms-wiki:latest

Configure the container

Prepare a realms-wiki.json file like this:

cat > realms-wiki.json << EOF
    "ALLOW_ANON": true,
    "BASE_URL": "",
    "CACHE_TYPE": "simple",
    "DB_URI": "sqlite:////home/wiki/data/wiki.db",
    "PORT": 5000,
    "SEARCH_TYPE": "simple",
    "SECRET_KEY": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
    "SITE_TITLE": "Example Wiki",
    "WIKI_PATH": "/home/wiki/data/repo",

    "LDAP": {
        "URI": "ldap://",
        "BIND_DN": "cn=realms,ou=services,dc=example,dc=com",
        "BIND_AUTH": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
        "USER_SEARCH": {
            "base": "ou=people,dc=example,dc=com",
            "filter": "uid=%(username)s"},
        "START_TLS": true,
        "KEY_MAP": {
            "username": "uid",
            "email": "mail"},
        "OPTIONS": {
            "OPT_PROTOCOL_VERSION": 3}

NOTE: you can use the apg -n1 -x65 -m65 command to generate a SECRET_KEY

Copy the config over to the container:

cp realms-wiki.json realms-wiki:/home/wiki/realms-wiki

Restart the container:

docker restart realms-wiki

Browse to to test it.

Some tips about STARTTLS

If you ldap backend is not protected by a publicly trusted CA, you will need to add your Internal ROOT CA certificate in the trusted CA list of your container.

Copy your Internal ROOT CA certificate in the container:

docker cp example-rootca.crt realms-wiki:/usr/local/share/ca-certificates/

Add your Internal CA as trusted in the trusted CA list:

docker exec -i -t -u root realms-wiki /usr/sbin/update-ca-certificates

Restart the container and try again.