An Ansible Playbook to deploy OpenLDAP and FusionDirectory
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Deploy OpenLDAP/FusionDirectory using Ansible

These playbooks will deploy an OpenLDAP/FusionDirectory server.


  • OpenLDAP (slapd)
  • FusionDirectory
  • Apache
  • GnuTLS (Internal CA)


  • An Ubuntu 18.04 LXD machine.
  • The python-minimal package needs to be present.
  • SSH Public key authentication from the Ansible host, to the mailserver.

Clone the repository

Clone the reposiroty:

$ git clone
$ cd ansible-deploy-ldap-fusiondirectory

Create the vars files

Create the vars/all.yml file

  • Create a vars/all.yml file with similar content (you can use vars/all.yml.example as reference):
organization: Example LTD
description: example
base_dn: dc=example,dc=org
locality: Limassol
state: Limassol
country: CY
language: en_US
timezone: Asia/Nicosia

Create the vars/secrets.yml filr

  • Create an encrypted vars/secrets.yml file:
$ ansible-vault create vars/secrets.yml 

Use a master password for the file above.

  • Create this content:
ldap_admin_dn: cn=admin,dc=example,dc=org
ldap_admin_pass: MySecretLDAPCombination
fd_admin: fdadmin
fd_admin_pass: MySecretFDCombination

Deploy LDAP and FusionDirectory

When done with the configuration run this command (provide your master password):

$ ansible-playbook --vault-id @prompt deploy_fusiondirectory.yml

When done visit to login for the first time. I suggest you enable HTTPS before doing that.